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York 8 Piece Speedway Dual Cut Burr Set - 6.0mm Shank

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8 Piece Speedway Dual Cut Burr Sets are fine pitch and coarse pitch flutes which are uncoated. Double cut (Cut 6): manufactured from high grade tungsten carbide for general-purpose use.

Features and Benefits
• Supplied in handy pocket "glasses case" style plastic holder to keep all parts contained
• Designed to remove material rapidly while maintaining a smooth surface finish

• 10 x 19mm Cylindrical end cutting
• 10 x 19mm Cylindrical plain end
• 10 x 19mm Cylindrical ball nosed
• 10 x 19mm Round tree,
• 10 x 19mm Pointed tree
• 6 x 5mm Spherical
• 6 x 19mm Conical shape
• 10 x 27 Conical 14° angle

• Available in 3.0mm shank and 6.0mm shank
• Not suitable for milling large amounts of material